Barbara Griswold puts a real face to anguish in her touching and thoughful book Suffering: God's Forge of Faith.  She shows us how some of the great characters in the Bible handled the crucible of suffering.  Through them, we see an intimate portrait of faith transforming life.  If you're dealing with a crisis in your life, reach for her book.

                --Larry Estepa, host of "Mornings" on FamilyNet radio and tv stations nationwide.

Barbara Griswold uses her personal experience in the area of suffering and insights gained from counseling men and women walking through deep valleys in life to open the door into the lives of great men and women of faith. As she explores these Biblical models, we see that they not only rose above the fires of life, but saw their challenge areas become the vessel that God used to honor Himself most fully. Barbara uses humor coupled with sensitivity to explore these great Bible stories. 

--L. Ebert, author.